Financing Solutions


Software is increasingly becoming your business's most valuable asset next to the people you employ. Strategic software implementations can require significant financial resources. A structured financing solution that fits your budget can also be structured to allow for maximum tax benefits.

Matrix partners with leading financial institutions in both Canada and the US to ensure that we source the most competitive solution that fits your financial planning model.


Equipment financing for general asset acquisitions including packaging equipment, mail production systems, furniture, transportation systems, heavy equipment and more. We provide financial structures that meet your asset lifecycle terms and financial objectives for capital budgeting and tax planning.


Has an advisory team of medical professionals to assist in the structure of competitive financial solutions that make sense in today's growing and dynamic practice of medical services. Our financing solutions are teamed up with your objectives for growth and professional management of your business and service offerings to clients.


Provides technology-financing terms that are flexible enough to meet your acquisition strategy for technology assets that fit your current and ongoing business requirements. We will focus on financing solutions that are connected with your IT department's strategic plans for technology asset acquisition and life cycle management.