Accounting Services

Matrix Capital's business partnership arrangement with a leading Chartered Accountants firm enables us to provide customized solutions that integrate most or all your corporate finance requirements: complete accounting services, tax efficient recommendations for capital acquisitions; optimal capital structure planning and consulting for management of business growth and profitability.


Many businesses are not equipped with resources to dedicate to the analysis of certain areas of their existing asset portfolio. Matrix has successfully provided consulting services to leading financial institutions in the areas of Asset Portfolio Buyouts, Valuation and Financial Modeling, Transaction Structuring & Negotiation. Matrix will help you negotiate the best contract terms and conditions up front as well as helping you to determine or develop specifications for the most favourable financing terms for your asset acquisition.

Financing Strategy & Placement

Matrix works in a consulting role along with best business partners to provide clients with Term & Operating loans as well as Subordinated Debt Financing. We will help determine what debt financing solution makes sense for your needs with the view to optimizing your business objectives at all times

Leasing & Equipment Financing

Matrix provides a comprehensive range of financial services for Leasing and Equipment Financing. Our expertise lies in the general areas of Transaction Structuring & Placement, Asset Based & Structured Financial Solutions, Vendor Leasing Programs and Lease Consulting. Our value proposition is excellent service, very competitive financing parameters and full disclosure of all terms and conditions.